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Remarkable Results with Acne


“Vulnerable post but sharing anyway.

16 months between photos.

I’ve struggled with my skin since puberty. Pretty bad acne growing up and even as an adult. Hyperpigmentation and scarring as a result. I’ve tried a lot of brands, I even worked for Proactiv in college (Rodan & Fields now) and that didn’t work.

I decided to give Double Helix Water facial line a try. It’s called Martine Pure & Simple and it’s been a game changer! It’s all natural and organic products. No hidden ingredients. If you’ve ever met the ladies behind this brand, they all look so young and have beautiful skin. 


I no longer wear makeup other than a tinted spf moisturizer and mascara some days. Give their products a look see. ”

Lauren O.

5.0 out of 5 stars Good Product!

The first thing I noticed was the cleanser left my face clean but soft and not dry. The rose mist spray was very heavenly. Lastly the cream made my skin feel relieved - especially the face area surrounding the lips. Good Product!


5.0 out of 5 stars

My wife loves these products, especially the lip balm. It is one the only lip balm that gives her relief during extreme dry spells. The face cream is also amazing and relieving dry skin. Highly recommended products!



I live in the northern United States, and to say that keeping my lips from being cracked and blistered has been a never-ending battle, is an understatement.  Since a friend gave me a tube of the Martine: Pure & Simple Lip Balm, this is no longer a problem. My lips stay smooth, supple and blister free all year round!!!! I literally don’t leave home without it and have been known to turn around and go back home to get it, if I find that I left the lip balm out of my purse. I would, and do, recommend this lip balm to anyone!


I have extremely sensitive skin. One try of the wrong facial product and I get acne, hives, dry skin patches. Now that I have found Martine: Pure & Simple Age-defying package I will never ever ever switch products again. Not only is my skin smooth and supple, but I am also noticing that any fine lines and uneven skin tones seem to be lessening. An added bonus!!!!! I love this product!!!!!!!!!!!


The cream has helped my husband's hand inflammation problems. He's a veterinary surgeon and has an allergic reaction to many surgical scrub cleansers. The reaction is itching and peeling. Since using Martine's cream the itching is much improved and he has been able to use a lot less medication! He truly loves it! As for me I love these products too as I always feel like I am doing something good for my skin.


I realize more and more how messed up our endocrine systems have become due to all the toxins in the environment these days, even in skin care products. This is one of the few skincare systems with ingredients so pure you could eat them!


I have been using Double Helix water cream for sometime and I am so happy you offer the skin care line integrated with this product. I have used my first set of Age Defying Cream, Face Wash and Mist and cannot live without it. I am 64 years young and can truly tell a difference in my skin after a couple of months of use. My skin color and tone is actually rebalancing….. truly. This is the truth! Thank you for offering this product line. Deb-happy!!!!! I am calling to order my second set tomorrow.


Martine's products are wonderful! I always have at least one of their chapsticks on me at all times. One of my favorite products is their Night Elixir; it is the only thing that will cure the cracks on each side of my mouth during the winter. I use it anytime, not just at night!



I started using this skin care line as someone who doesn't always devote the appropriate time or attention to my daily skin routine. Committed to the experiment, I found myself looking *forward* to my new daily/nightly skin regimen. The cleansing elixir is light but still lathers up nicely. The lip balm is something I carry around daily, has a refreshing, minty smell, and leaves a nice, soft sheen. The age defying cream can be used sparingly, but after spending too much time in the sun one weekend, I found that it saved my face from becoming overly dry/painful, and prevented excess peeling, which always seems to happen to me. My favorite part of the package is the hydrating rose mist, which allowed me to experience a nightly spa-like experience in my own bathroom. I would highly recommend this entire line to anyone looking to make a worthy investment into the future of their skin.


By Mark

Good stuff.

By Trinie

good product

By Tae W.

I would definitely buy two! One for you and one for your best friend !

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