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By Martine Gann - CEO at Martine: Pure & Simple

Did you know that what you put on your skin is being ingested? Even though you’re not eating it, it’s still entering your body via another route. So, what exactly is your skin eating? It’s 2020. We all know that expensive creams are better than something we can grab at the convenience store. But what are the differences REALLY?

I randomly pulled up a popular brand with a low price point and copied the ingredients list. Then, I did you all a favor and started the mind numbingly lengthy task of finding out what each ingredient actually was. I wanted to know what it is I’m putting on my skin, what I’m ingesting, would I eat it? Well. First off, there are 43 ingredients in said “popular brand” ‘Revitalift’, not including the “parfum/fragrance’ which in itself can have hundreds of unlisted chemicals of unregulated toxicity. Mmmmmm yummy. 43 tasty tasty ingredients that I’m not going to make you read because that would be torture, can be summarized to: TEN Petroleum based ingredients (which we all know dry out and age your skin). Next on the list is everyone’s favorite Parabens, of which there are TWO. Then there is a whole plethora of Synthetics/known toxins (SEVEN to be exact) and one ingredient that I can’t even figure out what it is (no kidding, a literal chase down chemical formulas came up with nothing) maybe it’s made up? The largest ingredient is DUN DUN DUN DUN! Big surprise, water.

Now a fun thing about this ingredient is, since they didn’t promote that it is purified water, you get to assume that it came out of the tap (best case in this scenario). And that tap can be from anywhere in the world…. Russia, Mexico, China, Japan, Indonesia…… (these are some of the actual manufacturing sites of L’Oréal) or literally ANYWHERE. Now I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t drink tap water and I definitely wouldn’t drink a glass of tap water with absolutely no idea where it came from. But, guess what, if you’ve used this skin cream, you did, through your skin. SO, If you realize that water can be around 50% or more of the product, and then almost 50% of the rest of the product is awful and definitely not something you would purposely ingest, you are looking at a toxic sludge that you are smoothing on your skin.

This company is selling you anti-aging products that will actually age and dry out your skin over time so that you buy more products. A good marketing strategy I suppose. Here’s where we come in. Martine Pure and Simple is true to its name and only sells products that are ACTUALLY good for your skin, not just for our bottom line. Products that ACTUALLY feed and hydrate your cells. The texture of our product is the natural texture created when you blend water, oils, beeswax, and vegetable-based emulsifiers. Not the super smoothness that only comes from synthetic chemicals. Our scents, if we include them, are from essential oils, not the scents created by literally hundreds of synthetic concoctions.

We might cost a bit more than what you can grab at the grocery store and we definitely can’t sit on the shelf for years and years because we use organic product-approved preservatives. At the end of the day do you want a skin care product that will only give a false facade of healthy skin while actually poisoning it over time? Do you want to lather your body with endless combinations of chemicals and questionable tap water? Or, do you want real healthy skin with well-fed cells that can regenerate themselves?

Real ingredients give real results. Nurture your skin, it’s worth it.

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