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By: Nina Meyer

Pothos on window sill, Banana Tree down the hallway, Helix the Office dog on the floor

At the beginning of the year I convinced the powers that be to acquire some greenery to beautify our work space.

Surprisingly, there were a plethora of beneficial consequences. A, "prettier professional environment" was honestly the LEAST of the advantages to the addition of the flora.

Prayer Plant

When you walk around a work space there is always a common denominator in decor - images of nature.

State park calendars, ocean landscape screensavers, waving wheat fields depicted in paint.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Something that is certain all around is that people want to be surrounded by nature. They have an innate desire to be connected to the outdoors, even when indoors.

Studies have shown that adding greenery, in the form of indoor plants, can have major positive benefits for employees and for the companies.

Hibiscus Bush Fiesta

Below are just a few of the many changes I noticed after we brought plants into the work space:

Stress reduced

Aloe Vera

Merely by having plants near by, a calming influence came over the office. Meetings went smoother, people congregated around the plants and had conversations, relationships blossomed.

People were more productive

CEO Ian Gann with wife and Web Designer Elin

Employees started to come in a little earlier and have their breakfast in sitting areas. They started to stay a little later too. Once the space was prettier and more inviting, it was suddenly accepted to bring your own lunches and eat at the office, instead of leaving, people were assembling with each other and chatting merrily over coffee.

Geranium with Helix, Eva Clark & Martine Gann

Employees seemed to care more about the appearance of their personal work spaces

Norfolk Island Pine

Family photos started to pop up on formerly blank cubicle walls.

Once the rest of the office looked nicer, people started to spend more effort in making their own spaces more personal and homelike, which made them happier to be there.

The air improved

Monstera Deliciosa

While this seems like it would be a no brainer, it was still surprising how much cleaner and more oxygenated the air in the office FELT. No more was the musty suffocating office smell when you walked in. Instead it was like walking into a greenhouse, or nature observatory.

Creativity Increased

Sansevieria Fernwood Mikado

Working in a more beautiful space makes it easier to create things. Having pops of color and greenery in a space sparks happy emotions and the creative process.

In summation

Variegated Jade Tree

If you are trying to find a way to improve office morale, as well as have your employees excited and wanting to be at the office. Try bringing some plants in! It might not do anything, but, it can't hurt.

Variegated Hoya

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Nina Meyer
Nina Meyer
15 apr 2020

What a bunch of cuties

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